Southbound & Down

Prior to moving east we hit the desert.


With Whiz and Onions

Liz and I spent our anniversary in Philly.

The Robots are Coming

I caught some footage at the American West Heritage Center’s Baby Animal Days.  Liz chose the tuns, so you can blame her for the cheese.  I must say, the band who wrote and preformed the music is a group of geniuses!

Hat tip to the Mobile Command Unit.  Where ever you are, we still love you!

Mr. Hoover and His Damn

I spent a few days in Vegas a couple of weeks ago doing the things you do in Vegas…hanging out with nerdy political scientists (I’m no exception) and visiting Hoover Dam!

I was in Las Vegas presenting a paper, Alternative Voting Systems: the Effect of Voting Systems on Single-Winner Multicandidate Electoral Outcomes, at the Southwestern Political Science Association annul conference.  The best thing I did, besides not make a fool of myself, was visit Hoover Dam.  That thing is huge!  Check out our latest production: Mr. Hoover and His Dam. 

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

A Seattle Minute

One and 1/2 minutes in Seattle! 

We recently had a great time doing and not doing what ever we wanted to in Seattle.  You’ll find the music selection is a hat tip to the birthplace of grunge.  I felt like I was in Jr. high all over again.  All I needed was holes in my jeans and ill fitting flannel shirts tied around my waste.  What a time, what a town!

Middle of Nowhere

As far as I can tell, the middle of nowhere is really only good for engaging in activities that are against the law or break societal norms. This is most likely the reason why you see a higher number of “crazies” per capita in the middle of nowhere, than in any other place.

I should say that I came across this footage at random and have no idea when it was shot, where it was shot, who shot it, or who was driving. I can say that those guys must be pretty cool. Enjoy!


Heading home after a long day of skiing, we came across this amazing mishap! Apparently this guy was swerving all over the road and couldn’t quit negotiate this turn. We saw this guy up on the hill and he skis about as well as he drives. The most entertaining part of this whole thing is that the guy looks just like Napoleon Dynamite! Fortunately no one was hurt and I’m pretty sure the guy ended up with a DUI.